Lums? - October 8, 2009

Have you ever heard of LUM’S? This restaurant started in South Florida in the 60′s.. It became popular because of the hotdogs “steamed in beer” which was their flagship dish.
In the spring of 2009 LUM’S closed the last of their 500 restaurants. Some great things never last. NOT SO FAST MY READERS!
Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have been on the feet of Americans and the world for over 100 years.
Isn’t it great to wear an American Icon of fashion on your feet ……. every day?
No matter what you call them, Chucks, Chucky T’s, Cons, All Stars, Lo rise kicks, or Converses as some of my friends say, they are still yours and mine. For some of us the first shoe ever put on our feet .

Go Chuck Taylor!